Eating Local

Ever since I sat down to read Barbara Kingsolver’s memoir,  Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I’ve started thinking more about the food I eat and the ways in which it is prepared. Since I was little, I have been cooking for myself and my family,though this was usually out of necessity (no one else wanted to cook). Only in my mid-twenties did I actually start to properly plan meals and gather various ingredients like spices and fresh herbs. As a citizen of the world, I have been able to observe diverse cooking styles and have gradually implemented these into my cooking. I was inspired by the movie “Julie and Julia,” to one, take up French cooking and two, start a blog as a means to find a focus for my life. With Kingsolver’s admonitions to buy local produce, I procured fresh white mushrooms from the market and decided to attempt Cream of Mushroom soup. The recipe itself is pretty straightforward, but there was one factor that I did not anticipate: white mushrooms that turn black when you cook them. I’m not sure what color the soup should be (most can versions are white), but mine ended up being grey even after I added the cream. Nevertheless, it was very tasty. I ate the soup with a tossed salad (arabic style) and resurrected freezer bread (don’t you love ovens?). So, I am on my journey to support the local farmers and become a good cook insha Allah.


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