Curriculum Mapping, or Doing School Work Over the Holiday

If there is one thing that has bothered me about my current school is the amount of work they give teachers. I have not been teaching that long (3 years), but I cannot remember being as stressed out about work as I have been this year. Now, if giving teachers more work actually results in students acquiring more knowledge, then it’s a great idea, right? So far, I cannot any see any immediate benefit to what we are doing.

As an English teacher at my school, I am responsible for documenting all of the lesson plans, quizzes, worksheets, etc. that I use each quarter. Normally, I would not mind doing this except I am expected to have this done before the quarter has ended and I must complete the work during my holiday (“free time”). My head of department is calling this “curriculum mapping” and believes this well help make the department more solid. I believe it’s a good idea to come together as a team of teachers and discuss what you are teaching and how the kids are learning; however, our department’s process assumes that the lesson plans and assessments will stay the same each year. As I understand this process, curriculum mapping is a system that is not static and something that teachers can contribute to at anytime during the school year. It is also something that involves the whole school, rather than one department, and allows for cross-curriculum instruction.

As you can see, I am approaching this task of mapping out the curriculum with little enthusiasm. It’s a lot of work and I would rather spend my holiday resting, reading, and writing. Nonetheless, the job must be done and I will get the job done insha Allah!


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