Day 1 of the Mid-Year Holiday


Many teachers in my part of the world are basking in joy now. We have two weeks off from school! That means we have two weeks free from dealing with other people’s children. Anybody that’s taught before can relate to this feeling. And the best part about is we get paid while chilling out at home (well, those who can’t afford a proper holiday are at home. Everybody else is globe trotting).

But, the best part of having this time off is that we get to sick back and think, not about our lessons or our students, but about us. Our lives. Our purpose. When you stand in front of a bunch of kids who are either willing or unwilling to hear you out, you often wonder, “What in the world am I doing here?” So, now I have a bit of time to reflect on what am I doing here? Is this the best place for me to be? Should I move on? New school? New job? New country? Right now, such questions confront me. I definitely decided to change schools. Again. This will be my fifth change since 2007. Yeah, I know, but I’m still searching for the right fit. Do I still want to be a teacher? Do I love teaching? There are moments when I hate the job. Yet, what other job can give me paid holidays during the year. Not to mention at least two months of summer vacation (also paid). I think perhaps this is the main reason I stay in education. For those educators out there, what reasons do you have for staying in the teaching profession? Inquiring minds, especially mine, would like to know.


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